Neon Neuron Podcast - Episode - 19 - Greg Cravens - Cartoonist

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Neurons, welcome again, to another great conversation. This time we speak with cartoonist Greg Cravens!
This was a conversation I have been looking forward to for some time. And I think it's obvious I was nervous... But, I am getting better at keeping the giggles to a minimum.
Greg has had a very exciting life as an artist, realizing his potential at a young age. Being the "class artist" in school, being encouraged to draw caricatures at the local theme park, to drawing comics and ultimately taking over as artist and writer of The Buckets  comic strip. Greg also does the artwork for Memphis comic Stoned Ninja; written by Gabriel DeRanzo and published by 901 Comics
This ended up being a 2- hour conversation. So, I split it into two episodes. Because let's face it... I love a good story told by a good story teller! And it's no surprise Greg ended up drawing and writing comics. He's pretty dang'd story teller, as you'll soon hear. 
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