Neon Neuron Podcast - Episode - 17 - Neo Hajime Artist of Thicc Things

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Welcome Neurons, to another episode of the Neon Neuron Podcast! In this episode I'm am excited to talk with Neo Hajime, an artist of all things thicc! And it wouldn't be a stretch to proclaim Neo Hajime a big contender in the short-stack arena, either. Come along and discover what exactly is Neo Hajime, the tools and techniques they employ and which artists inspire the bubbly characters that Neo draws. And why they gotta be all cute?!

Also, I ask your most sincere apologies if I, your humble Neon Neuron, sound nervous. I am. Talking with other creators is exhilarating and anxiety inducing. But, I'll love! And if you love it too, Please Help by supporting Neo Hajime @:

Neo Hajime

Neo Hajime Jane

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